Zero-Beta to Alpha   (Book Available on Amazon)

Quest Stock Profits   (Book Available on Amazon)

Building Portfolio     (Book Available on Amazon)

Trading Mechanics   (Book available on Amazon)

Trade Slicing Stocks  (Book available on Amazon) 

Basic Portfolio Math    (March 1, 2018)

Payoff Matrix               (Jan. 10, 2018)

In Your Strategy?          (Nov. 9, 2017)

Trading Buy & Hold      (Nov. 3, 2017)

Retirement Fund            (Oct. 18, 2017)

Price Tag on Alpha III   (Oct. 12, 2017)

Price Tag On Alpha II   (Oct. 8, 2017)

Price Tag on Alpha     (Oct. 4, 2017)

Alpha Definition           (Sept. 1, 2017)

Follow the Math          (Aug. 14, 2017)

Zero-Beta to Alpha     (Aug. 1, 2017)

High Alpha Analysis   (July 21, 2017)

Where is the Alpha      (June 13, 2017)

No Alpha No Game     (June 9, 2017)

Trading Program          (June 4, 2017)

Simply Gambling          (May 30, 2017)

Is Algo for Real?          (May 5, 2017)

Quest for Profits - II        (April 9, 2017)

Quest for Profits - I       (April. 5 2017)

Not All Strategies Fail     (Feb. 28 2017)

Market's Driving Force   (Feb. 21 2017)

A Leveraged Portfolio      (Feb. 12th 2017)

A Search For Profits III    (Feb. 7th 2017)

A Search For Profits II   (Feb. 6th 2017) 

A Search For Profits     (Feb. 4th 2017)

Strategy Math II            (Jan. 21 2017)

Strategy Math I            (Jan. 19th 2017)

Strategy Signature       (Jan. 16th 2017)

Time Is All                       (Jan. 7th 2017)

Take Your Share             (Dec. 29th 2016)

WOW Factor - Notes      (Dec. 18th 2016)

The WOW Factor            (Dec. 16th 2016)

The Machine Works         (Dec. 7th 2016)

Boosting Performance       (Nov. 25th 2016)

Buy & Weak Hold             (Nov 18th 2016)

Control Stock Trading Strategy (Nov. 16th 2016)

Deviation X Strategy         (Nov. 14th 2016)

Trading System Part IV  (Nov. 11th 2016)

Trading System Part III   (Nov. 11th 2016) 

Trading System Part II     (Nov. 8th 2016)

Trading System Part I   (Nov. 6th 2016)

Tradable Plan - Part I      (Nov. 2nd 2016)

Portfolio Core Position  (Oct. 22nd 2016)

Extracting Information  (Oct. 13th 2016)

Prediction Dilemma       (Oct. 10th 2016)

Trading Decisions            (Oct. 3rd 2016)

Trade Detection             (Sept. 25th. 2016)

Strategy Enhancers     (Sept. 15th. 2016)

Strategy Defects        (Sept. 13th. 2016)

The Game Inside        (Sept. 10th, 2016)

Payoff Matrix              (Sept. 6th, 2016)

Simple Strategy III       (Aug. 27th, 2016  Updated)

Simple Strategy II       (Aug. 19th, 2016)

Simple Strategy I        (Aug. 16th, 2016)

Big Bucks Will Travel    (Aug. 5th, 2016)

Back to Quantopian      (Aug. 3rd, 2016)

Generate Positive Alpha  (July 28th, 2016)

A CAGR Debate           (July 23rd, 2016)

Strategy Survival               (July 11th, 2016)

Stop Loss Revisited III  (June 22nd, 2016)

Stop Loss Revisited II   (June 21th, 2016)

Stop Loss Revisited     (June 20th, 2016)

You Don't Always Win(June 7th, 2016)

Portfolio Drawdowns      (Pub. May 3rd, 2016)

A Different Take             (Pub. April 29th, 2016)

Stock Trading Strategy Value II (Pub. April 20th, 2016)

Trading Strategy Value  (Pub. April 13th, 2016)

Trading Environment  (Pub. April 8th, 2016)

Randomness Stock Prices II  (Pub. March 9th, 2016)

Randomness in Stock Prices   (Pub. March 4th, 2016)

Strategy Experiment V    (Published Feb. 8th, 2016)

Strategy Experiment IV    (Published Jan. 30th, 2016)

Strategy Experiment III     (Published Jan. 26th, 2016)

Strategy Experiment II     (Published Jan. 22nd, 2016)

Strategy Experiment     (Published Jan. 19th, 2016)

Trading Randomness   (Published Dec. 28th, 2015)

Delayed Gratification II   (Published Oct. 24th, 2015)

Delayed Gratification       (Published Oct. 23rd, 2015)

A Case Study          (Published Oct. 22nd, 2015)

Strategy Design II      (Published Aug. 24th, 2015)

Strategy Design I     (Published Aug. 23rd, 2015)

Portfolio Building  (Published July 26th, 2015)

Still More DEVX       (Published July 23rd, 2015)

More DEVX V6               (Published July 3rd, 2015)

Connecting Dots           (Published June 16th, 2015)

Trading Perspectives    (Published June 1st, 2015)

Cheating by Spoofing   (Published April 27th, 2015)

Portfolio Math I       (Published January 30th, 2015)

Trading Short Term?   (Published January 2nd, 2015)

DEVX V6 Revisited   (Published Novermber 25th, 2014)

A Unique Approach   (Published Novermber 11th, 2014)

A Donor Within      (Published Novermber 6th, 2014)

Winning by Default II (Published August 11th, 2014)

One For All?                     (Published August 3rd, 2014)

Winning by Default   (Published July 28th, 2014)

Test Summary               (Published July 20th, 2014)

Nest Egg on Support       (Published July 13th, 2014)

Trade Automation      (Published July 1st, 2014)

Deviation X                 (Published June 18th, 2014)

Swinging It                 (Published June 18th, 2014)

Unorthodox Trading   (Published June 9th, 2014)

Bizarre Behaviors   (Published June 3rd, 2014)

This Crazy Game      (Published April 30th, 2014)

The Drift                        (Published April 22nd, 2014)

Leveraging II             (Published:March 24th, 2014)

Leveraging                 (Published: Feb. 19th, 2014)

Fix Fraction                (Published: Feb. 9th, 2014)

A Trading Machine VI  (Published: Dec 9th, 2013)

Trends?                     (Published: Oct 22nd, 2013)

A Basic View III

August 2013

A Basic View II  

A Basic View 

Optimization Again

Optimization Revisited

June-July 2013

At Last

Old Routines II

On Drawdowns

Old Routines

April-March 2013

On Randomness

On Cutting Losses

A Trading Machine V

A Trading Machine IV

A Trading Machine III

A Trading Machine II

A Trading Machine

January-February 2013

The Question

On Forward Testing

An Experiment II

An Experiment

October-December 2012

Winning the Game 1.1 

Winning the Game

August-September 2012

A Kind of Review

Script Transform

On Compounding

A Changing Game

June-July 2012

On Doubling Time

Changing the Game III

Changing the Game II 

Changing the Game 

Randomly Trading  

Leftover Bollinger Band 

May  2012

After Dumping Ichimoku 

End of Ichimoku  

Optimal Portfolio IX  

Improving Ichimoku  

Ichimoku Kinko Test 

Optimal Portfolio VIII 

(Published Aug. 24th, 2015)