The simulation section

In this section is found some of the simulations carried out on real market data over the past few months. All the simulations were done on the old Wealth-Lab 4 site where all you could supply was your trading script and the stocks on which you wanted to test. Charts generated by these simulations are also provided.

The usual disclaimer applies. Past simulation data is just that, past simulation. As to what the future reserves I, like I assume everyone else, can only speculate. However, simulation on past data is the only way to find out if a trading methodology has any future.

These simulations should be regarded as an indication of what the alpha power trading methodology can do. By only changing one's point of view, by looking at the trading game from a different perspective, one can preset from day one how he/she will play the game. And I think that there lies the most significant aspect of my alpha power trading methods.

All the simulations presented here were performed on the WL4 web site. It has a portfolio level simulator under its portfolio center menu and a script simulator for single stocks. Both simulators are free to use for registered users. All you have to supply is the name of the stock or stocks you wish to process and the trading script to execute your trading procedures. It's like having a portfolio simulator in the cloud; all the processing is done on the Wealth-Lab site.

The Wealth-Lab simulator being used is version 4.0, an older version, but it works just fine. The Chartscript Center has over 1,800 scripts and represent a considerable bank of knowledge on trading methods and concepts.

Wealth-Lab Developer is currently at version 6.2 and has had many enhancements since 2008.

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