January 27th, 2017                                                                                  NEW BOOK OUT

My new book: Building Your Stock Portfolio is out. It is available on Amazon.

Building Your Stock Portfolio has for sole purpose to help you make more money. It is about you building a long-term stock portfolio for whatever reason you might have, and making sure you reach your goals.

Is presented the making of a trading philosophy, a methodology which hopefully could become part of yours. My main objective is that you will not be copying what I do, but doing what will be right for you going forward.

You could apply in a discretionary fashion what will be presented but will find ways to delegate most of the work to a machine which will run your program under your terms.

Building Your Stock Portfolio will help you structure and build your trading strategy to do what you want. I will emphasize the major points to consider along the way.


Building Your Stock Portfolio

           Building Your Stock Portfolio

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