I am currently retired, and like the challenge in designing stock trading systems to see how they behave under tests. Some like to play chess, do crossword puzzles, I like this kind of puzzle. 

I design mostly long-term trading systems with a technical fundamentalist's philosophy. I would characterize and resume these systems by what they do most of the time. Which is: accumulate shares for the long-term and trade over the process. It is on this general theme that this website is built on, and evolved. Articles and simulations are dated as they were published. Thereby, one can see the progression, from system to system, as they were developed and tested. Most of the articles are to explain, one part or other, of these systems trying to provide the mathematical background that served as a foundation.

At times, it could take a few hours, a few days, to have a workable design, meaning a potentially profitable system. Sometimes, it took months to translate what I had in mind into code. As if hitting a mathematical barrier of some sort, not finding the how to express in code, in a program, the concepts I had so easily visualized. But, even if it takes time, I usually get it.

The questions are: Can this be possible and worthwhile? Can it be that by trading over a stock accumulation program you can produce much better results than just by trading alone or by only playing a Buy & Hold strategy? Can this be sufficient to generate long-term alpha? Evidently, my answer to these questions is yes.

What can you gain from my website? Techniques you can use to make more profits, improve on your own trading methods, and increase your long-term portfolio performance. In the end, will only matter: how "you" look at the "game".

All my best.

Guy. R. Fleury

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