April 27, 2011

All my portfolio simulations to date were done on the old WL4 website where all you can supply is your trading script and the stocks you want to simulate on. All the price data, simulation program, and testing conditions are on the WL4 website.

The test results shown in the tables are a simple copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet. Whatever the result was.

The script starts with no position and waits for its first 5k bet for as long as it takes. I’m not clear as to how the simulator handles this type of condition. I usually just take the Buy & Hold numbers for granted. My focus in these simulations is not the Buy & Hold.

I did run the original Trend Checker script by Gyro (and a few others in the top rated listings) on the same list of stocks and got numbers that were close to the Buy & Hold reported, and therefore, to me, the last column in my tests seemed in line.

I design holding procedures with a bent for the long term. I only see about 200 bars of the 1500 bars of data. I know the general behavior of my functions but I can’t exactly know how they behave in the first 1300 bars. I only know that my holding functions should performance according to my trading script.

I’ve kept a copy of all test charts generated by Wealth-Lab and all have a system profit pane to corroborate my numbers of interest seen in the other columns of the spreadsheet.

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