July 19, 2013

During last weekend I noticed that one user on the old Wealth-Lab 4 site was experimenting with trading strategies that behaved like some of my earlier ones. At first, I thought he had reached level 3 of 5; it was hard to detect what he was doing since all you can see is a window of the last 220 days of his 1,500 trading day chart as produced by his trading strategies. Knowing quite well what the old Wealth-Lab 4 simulator can do, I felt well qualified to analyze what his charts were saying.

And now, I think one of his charts reached level 4. He is the only one I have seen reach this level. All previous attempts I have seen by other users stopped after reaching level 1, as if unable to see the potential or that they were in the right direction.

To me, it's like a confirmation that anyone could do it if they set their mind to it. After all, the underlying principle is simple: trade over a stock accumulation process. It's implementation, however, is a little bit more complex.

It has always been my contention that someday someone would be able to duplicate if not enhance upon my work. I now have seen at least one on his way there. What he will need to do going forward is to set better controls over his processes, so I wish him good luck and to keep going at it, he'll get there. I'm sure others will follow, each designing their own trading strategy suited to their views of the market and making it their own stock trading solution. It's by designing your own trading script, your own programs that you can gain the confidence needed to follow what it says, to understand what is going on under the hood so to speak.

Since I started writing all that can be seen on my website, my hope has been that somehow, someday, some way, someone would understand the compromises that need to be made to design outstanding trading strategies. You don't need to be a Ph.D., you just need to look at the problem as a whole with a long-term perspective. Look closely at the payoff matrix of your trading strategy. The rest should come easy. There is enough documentation on my site to provide all the background information needed to succeed. And for those that have not noticed yet, it is all free. However, to get there you will have to work for it.

Created... July 19, 2013,   © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.