My Books

Here are my books currently available on Amazon. They are listed by date and build on each other in sequence.

Note that most of their content is also discussed in the articles which describe a methodology that has evolved and has been refined with time.

Hope you can find them interesting.


My Papers (PDF Files)

Follows are papers available in PDF format. All discuss various aspect of the same general problem: how to make better stock trading strategies. Most often the point is made to design trading strategies that can last. And, methods are presented to do just that. I have the utmost respect for an equal sign, and therefore, you will often find it in my writings. My way of expressing, if not the simplicity of it all, at least, its mathematical structure. An equal sign is a powerful statement.

HTML files.

The purpose of HTML files was to render the mathematical formulas used in my articles more readable. And since each article is dated, they build on this dated sequence to expand on the mathematical structure of stock trading strategies.