My Books

Here are my books currently available on Amazon. They are listed by date and build on each other in sequence.

Note that most of their content is also discussed in the articles which describe a methodology that has evolved and has been refined with time.

Hope you can find them interesting.


Feb. 28, 2023                 

                                                           NEW BOOK RELEASED

My new book: Build The Retirement Fund You DeserveBe Rich, Be Happy is for either individuals wishing to build their retirement fund to enjoy the freedom and independence its proceeds can bring or for businesses and financial institutions having to build long-term funds for whatever purposes.

Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve will give you a recipe on to grow your retirement fund over the long term while taking little of your time. So, get ready to be amazed by the wonderments of long-term compounding.

For individuals, this book could change your life and your children's lives. Large institutions could significantly increase their financial assets. But wait until you have read it all. It will change your mindset. Guide you in doing the stuff you need to do, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.

Oct. 19, 2019                                              NEW BOOK RELEASED


My latest book available on Amazon: The Future Belongs To The Builders Of Mega Funds is on the construction of - you guessed it - mega funds.

We have entered this age of super corporations, those with valuations exceeding 1 trillion dollars. The future will bring many more of these online. In their wake, it will create super conglomerates, super banks, and super investment funds the size of which has never been seen before.

April 30, 2019       NEW BOOK RELEASED

Reengineering Your Stock Portfolio starts with a friend with whom I often discuss my trading strategies saying: why not write a book on this one? A few days later, I sat down and started writing without needing a plan knowing where I wanted to go and what I needed to do.

My take was, go ahead, simply do it. Modify the original program found on the web as need be and document what you see. At times, I even had a simulation running in the background while I was writing on the coming test result knowing they would be positive. I would then take snapshots of the results I found interesting and document what I saw.

Nov. 14, 2018            NEW BOOK RELEASED

I was preparing a follow-up to the last two articles (see related files). But then, from simulation to simulation, the article grew and grew. So much so, that it is now a 160-page book filled with charts and equations. One would think that the whole thing would be complicated, but in reality, it took all that complexity and reduced it to a few guiding equations.

A new book is always exciting. Especially when you put so much into it. This one is special.

August 1, 2017                                                                                                       NEW BOOK RELEASED

Just released my new book: From Zero-Beta to Alpha GenerationReshaping a Stock Trading Strategy.

It chronicles the remodeling phases of a stock trading strategy found on the web.

From its beginnings where it could not really outperform market averages to making it the most powerful trading strategy to have in a portfolio of strategies. So powerful, in fact, that over the long term, it could carry the day for the entire group.

May 21, 2017                                 NEW BOOK OUT

My new book is out and available on Amazon:A Quest for Stock Profitsif you want more, you will have to do more...

A Quest for Stock Profits describes a methodology that could be used by anyone. The same trading principles can apply going forward after having shown to have been reliable and profitable over an extended period of time.

January 27th, 2017                       NEW BOOK OUT

Building Your Stock Portfolio has for sole purpose to help you make more money. It is about you building a long-term stock portfolio for whatever reason you might have, and making sure you reach your goals.

Is presented the making of a trading philosophy, a methodology which hopefully could become part of yours. My main objective is that you will not be copying what I do, but doing what will be right for you going forward.

January 2, 2016

Book released this January 1st, 2016. My first book made available on Amazon. Never thought I would ever do this. But, there it is.

Stock Trading Strategy Mechanics

It's a major transformation for me. I usually put out stuff that is clearly free, with no strings attached. But then, you observe that because it is given free, people attached no value to it. So, maybe now they will think it is worth something.