Oct. 19, 2019                                              NEW BOOK RELEASED


My latest book available on Amazon, The Future Belongs To The Builders Of Mega Funds, is on the construction of - you guessed it - mega funds.

We have entered this age of super corporations, those with valuations exceeding 1 trillion dollars. The future will bring many more of these online. In their wake, it will create super conglomerates, super banks, and super investment funds, the size of which has never been seen before.

Builders of Mega Funds

Nonetheless, this will be part of a natural evolution of things. A side effect of globalization. Large businesses are no longer just regional or national; they have global reach and can have millions and millions of customers. This changes investment opportunities considerably, not only in size but also in diversity.

Should you want to change the world, then you can start at the top of the food chain by building these mega investment funds.









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