The Turtles tests are based on the 70's Turtles trading strategy as described on the old Wealth-Lab 4 website.

What the simulations show is that you could improve upon the original strategy, but at a cost of losing what made the Turtles' trading script in the first place. So many changes to the code that not much of the original script remained.

June 21, 2011 

After my error on the initial capital in my last post, I realized that the script was operating as if on the 100k starting point while 1M was available. I wanted to know what would have been the results had the equations been adapted to the excess equity available. There was only one way to find out and that is to redo the test with the added capital. Having my trading methodology scalable it should also provide a glimpse of that attribute.

While at it, I added a few more trading procedures to increase performance like putting a little bit more pressure on the system.

June 20, 2011

I converted yet another legendary script, this time based on the Turtles of the 70's. Turtles version 3.1 is a trend-following system that plays long and short, which at my current level of implementation, should have a few lessons to teach; at least I hope so.

My first iteration without modifying its trend definition but adding some of my own trading procedures produced the following table on the first dataset as presented in prior posts. I’m showing it simply because it is within the same performance range as the first few simulations. So here it is followed by a typical WL (Wealth-Lab version 4) generated chart: