May 21, 2017                                         NEW BOOK OUT

My new book is out and available on Amazon:A Quest for Stock Profits.

if you want more, you will have to do more...

A Quest for Stock Profits describes a methodology that could be used by anyone. The same trading principles can apply going forward after having been shown to have been reliable and profitable over an extended period of time.

A Quest for Stock Profits looks at the gaming part of the game and how one could play with a vision of where they are going. Plan for the long term, and see how their trading strategies would behave under uncertainty. There is some math involved, but most of it is rather simple.

The methodology operates on the assumption that the stock market has an upward bias. It has had one for the past 240 years. It is also sufficient to profit from. Anyone can take advantage of this and build a more profitable long-term portfolio.

It is not by doing the same thing as everybody else that you will get different results.


Quest For Profits


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