Feb. 26, 2023

In my new book scheduled for an early March release: Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve. Be Rich, Be Happy. I cover a trading strategy based on the QQQ ETF and more.

Here is an equation from my book that should guide anyone in building their retirement fund:

Future Value Equation
We have a future value formula with five 20-year periods at varying growth rates and independent withdrawal rates for each period after the first 20 years. As long as the growth rate is superior to the withdrawal rate, the fund will continue to increase over time, even after 100 years.

The equation is an extension of this strategy, which is rather boring but can be the start of a consequential long-term portfolio. In other words, it could last for generations. There will always be a list of the 100 best-performing stocks. The composition of that list will change over the years. We do not know which companies will be on it in 20 or 30 years, but we can find and sort by value the top 100 most valuable stocks any day of the week.

A trading strategy, to be worthwhile, needs to survive and not break down going forward for whatever reason. If you are building some retirement fund or any other type of long-term fund, the most critical factor should be the answer to this question: will it be there in 30, 60 years, and more?

What is your strategy worth if you cannot show it can survive what will be thrown at it?

Should you accept to see it slowly wither away to zero due to a faulty structural design?

Or, should you ensure your strategy is built to last and last for generations if need be?

My new book: Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve, will answer those questions.