Feb. 28, 2023                   NEW BOOK RELEASED

My new book: Build The Retirement Fund You DeserveBe Rich, Be Happy is for either individuals wishing to build their retirement fund to enjoy the freedom and independence its proceeds can bring or for businesses and financial institutions having to build long-term funds for whatever purposes.

Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve will give you a recipe to grow your retirement fund over the long term while taking little of your time. So, get ready to be amazed by the wonderments of long-term compounding.

For individuals, this book could change your life and your children's lives. Large institutions could significantly increase their financial assets. But wait until you have read it all. It will change your mindset. Guide you in doing the stuff you need to do, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.

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Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve deals with the math behind such an endeavor. The math is relatively simple and explained in detail. Any individual could do it all.

As the book progresses, layer by layer, it will be demonstrated that you can build a long-term stock portfolio to make you richer than you have ever thought possible.

Common sense will prevail.

Equation after equation will reassert individual arguments. The idea is to show you it is possible and that you can do it. Grow your portfolio to be your source of self-indexed income in retirement. And in so doing, bringing you financial freedom and peace of mind.

The primary objective is not only your portfolio's survival but also that it thrives over the long term (decades and decades). Your protection from all the bad stuff that can happen in the markets will be of utmost concern throughout this mathematical presentation. 

A trading strategy, to be worthwhile, needs to survive and not break down going forward for whatever reason.

If you are building some retirement fund or any other type of long-term fund, the most critical factor should be the answer to this question: will it be there in 30, 60 years, and more? What is your strategy worth if you cannot show it can survive what will be thrown at it?

Should you accept to see it slowly wither away to zero due to a faulty structural design?

Or, should you ensure your strategy is built to last and last for generations if need be?

My new book, Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve, will provide answers to those questions. 

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