March 13, 2023

My new book, Build The Retirement Fund You DeserveBe Rich, Be Happy could help you build your retirement fund while leaving you in control of it all up to retirement age 65 and after that for as long as you live. You would do it yourself, so there would be no intermediaries, management fees, or intervention from anyone. Moreover, while in retirement, you could withdraw funds at your own pace without being dictated to or bothered by some financial organization or government regulation. You would be in charge, in control. It would be your funds, and no one could force you to do anything.

You are at the center of Build The Retirement Fund You DeserveBe Rich, Be Happy. The objective is to bring you freedom and financial independence. The book also demonstrates that you will be the one to do it on your own.

In the book, you will have a roadmap for accomplishing this. You will learn how to enhance your retirement financially and what it will take to get you there. For retirement funds to be worthwhile, they need decades of compounding. They don't happen overnight. You will need money, patience, focus, determination, and be young enough for such a long-term endeavor.Book_Cover

A link to a free trading program is provided to give anyone a starting point. You could modify the program to serve you better. For instance, I suggest adding protective measures and some procedures to enhance and increase overall performance. Aim for a 20% CAGR or higher to do the job. The same goes for organizations wishing to build long-term stock portfolios.

Accepting a 10% CAGR or less should not be considered an option. No matter how you intend to build your retirement fund. It is not enough.

Equations will support each argument made. Layer after layer, these equations will validate every step as we dig into the subject. Ultimately, you will see a simple extension of a century-old equation: the future value formula. The formula is applicable even in retirement. And it has the potential to change the world we know today. Note that the path will not be smooth; your portfolio will have its ups and downs, but your main objective will be the final result, which will be the same.

Build The Retirement Fund You Deserve will also show that you are the person you should trust the most and that the clock is ticking. It is why you should plan and structure how you will be building your long-term portfolio, not only to have your portfolio survive it all but also to thrive for decades, thereby providing you the retirement income you will need while at the same time building an inheritance for your loved ones.

Build The Retirement Fund You DeserveBe Rich, Be Happy is a book you need. Absorb what it says. It will have served its purpose. For one thing, it should change your mindset and show you how to do it yourself. Once you understand where it is going, you should assemble what you need to make it happen. You and your children could change the world in just a few generations.

Created: March 13, 2023, © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.