April 18, 2023                     

This new and free paper, - The Age Of The Individual Investor - addresses the future of everyone. It makes the point that a single and simple equation will totally change the world we live in. Not because it is the nature of things to change but because of this notion of profit.

Since everyone having the means to do so will try to manage their long-term funds or at least preserve some of what they have earned, they will be looking for ways to select growing assets. This search for profit will be a significant societal driver of change for the next 50 to 100 years.

First, there is the basic need to make a buck for a living. But, more importantly, there is also the need to profit from one's investments, the necessity of building a nest egg, no matter the nature of those investments.

It leads to the conquest of the planet by the most fortunate groups in search of more and more profits. The contenders are the US, Europe, China, BLK, billionaires, millionaires, and the small investor part of the sub-millionaire group. All these groups individually could gain control of all the assets on the planet within 50 to 100 years. All of it depending on their respective growth rates. An extrapolation is made based on the current known numbers for all these groups to see how they would fare individually.

The paper studies the impact each group could have if operated individually and show how far they could go, not by changing everything they do, but by letting them do what they already do. Keeping the same pace and doing as before is sufficient as if no individual in those groups had to change anything. Yet, each group could conquer all the world's assets.

Therefore, there will be intense competition for those assets in the coming years since a winner-take-all mentality could lead to surprising outcomes depending on who will win this race.

It makes this paper a must-read, not because it is compelling but because it will impact you no matter what you think, hopefully for the better. Enjoy.

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