July 6, 2023

This short paper, Self-Managed Retirement Funds, makes the case that one should look beyond their retirement date and see the legacy they can leave behind to their loved ones or any other purpose or rationale.

There are two phases in building a retirement fund. The first is to build that retirement fund up to retirement age. And the second is to have that fund provide you with a sufficient income stream that leaves you worry-free with the ability to do whatever you want. Make your retirement fund so large that, whatever your lifestyle, you are only nibbling at it.

This article also points out that the second phase, where you will withdraw your income, does not end up depleting your fund, but on the contrary, it will keep your fund growing for the rest of your life. Now, that is a better proposition: to have your fund grow while in retirement.

We are told we should work hard and let professionals handle our savings. But when you look at the financial industry and the money managers, you find that 75% do not outperform market averages. And you are to pick one of them. Yes, some 25% are bound to outperform market averages. It is just that you do not know which ones. The first question should be: do you take that gamble? Do you risk what could be 35+ years of your life on that bet?

This lengthy article suggests that you do the job yourself and provides a solution requiring only one decision: to participate. Control your future financial freedom. The article states you should buy QQQ and sit on it as the most basic of strategies. I present the case of a 30-year-old planning his or her retirement at age 65. And from age 65, starts withdrawing income from their fund while having it continue to grow over the next 35 years and more.

You are not looking to be the best at money management but only to generate much more than enough, never to worry. Make your retirement fund so big that it will bring you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your potential 35+ years in retirement.

A single decision to make and it could change your life.

I hope you find Self-Managed Retirement Funds interesting and a guiding light showing what you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

All you will find is simple common sense. There is no hype, no product to sell (at least not yet), and no pipe dreams. It is all doable and starts with a single decision you can take.

Created: July 6, 2023, © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.