August 29, 2023

RETIRE A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE - A Roadmap On How You Could Do It gives you the understanding, the blueprint, and the methods on how you could do it, that is, retire a multi-millionaire.

This paper has no hype, only ordinary stuff you can do yourself. Some of it requires a single decision. But that is up to you.

You will have two investment periods to consider. The first is up to retirement age, and the second starts after you retire. Simple equations govern both phases.

I propose you build your retirement fund using monthly contributions, except you will be the one to manage it to get better returns. An administrative decision could add millions to your retirement fund.

The proposed roadmap is simple. Anyone could do this. All that is required is the knowledge, the methods, and the means to do it. You provide the initial stake. That's your job. I provide how you can do it with what you have.

Retire A Multi-Millionaire should serve as A Roadmap On How You Could Do It by managing your retirement portfolio yourself. It proposes you self-manage your retirement fund before and after retiring.

The first advantage is the higher growth rate you can achieve; the second is an increasing income stream while in retirement. It supersedes any annuity you have ever considered.

Not only will your income stream rise while in retirement, but so will the legacy fund you intend to leave your loved ones.

It can be in the millions, depending on your initial means, determination, and perseverance.

Created: August 29, 2023, © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.