Sept. 18, 2023

This new article, How To Make It Anyway, or How To Retire With A Lot More Than Enough, is about how you could design your long-term investment portfolio such that:

  • It will survive for a long time, a very long time

  • Outperform usual market benchmarks like the S&P 500

  • Continue to grow while in retirement

  • Increase your monthly retirement income every year

  • Require little of your time

  • Provide a substantial legacy for your loved ones.

A complete recipe for doing so is provided. It is all explained and supported by mathematical equations. The emphasis is on your long-term retirement needs. All the while having it under your control before and after retiring. The primary objective is to give you the financial freedom and peace of mind you aspire to.

Like any retirement fund, you will supply the money to make it happen. A monthly contribution approach is proposed. Steps can be taken to push for higher performance.

The application of the proposed methods will require little of your time. It is designed to be an easily sustainable, maintainable, and manageable strategy.

If you want more, you will need to do more, as should be expected. However, pushing for higher results is also relatively easy. You could start slowly to upgrade later. Your needs will suggest how you adapt to reach those higher results. Regardless, you have no obligation to do any of it. It is all part of the choices you will have to make.

What How To Make It Anyway will propose is easy and straightforward. You start with your portfolio's building phase. This roadmap will guide you on how to build up your fund.

Review my previous papers for more elaborate explanations: Retire A Multi-Millionaire, and Sitting On Your 'Bunnies' Might Be Your Best Investment Yet.

How To Make It Anyway says you can do it and do it better than most. Importantly, it tells you you can do it all yourself, keep total control, and reap all its benefits.

All the portfolio scenarios presented have doable procedures. Your job will be to choose which methods you prefer and to supply the capital, patience, and perseverance. The rest, meaning indirectly, the growth rate the market will provide. It will be like taking Mr. Buffett's long-term bet on America, but it will be your bet this time.

This paper was designed to impact your financial future and be life-changing. It is free of hype. And should be considered quite informative. In the end, it is always all your choice.

Created: September 18, 2023, © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.