December 13, 2023

                              NEW PAPER RELEASED

I call it The Big Open Project because it is BIG. It is so big it could change the world's wealth distribution as we know it over the next half-century. And it is a wide-open invitation to anyone who can carry it out.

It will require entrepreneurs and their organizations to design stock trading software of significance. We have models like the Medallion Fund of Renaissance Tech, which has generated outstanding results for years and years.

The objective is to build some of the largest fund management organizations of modern times, all within 30 years or less.

It is an ambitious project, and it can be duplicated by many. I will provide the background, the methods, and the equations to guide you on your way. You be the entrepreneur you can be.

In my recent papers, Reflexions On A Retirement Fund and The Age Of The Individual Investor, I used equations to show how anyone from an estimated 400million people could better manage their retirement/investment funds to at least outperform market averages. Not much was required to do so, as can attest this other title: Sitting On Your Bunnies Might Be Your Best Investment Yet.

The above papers showed that thousands upon thousands of individuals buying QQQ, its enhanced equivalent, or developing better-performing programs could raise their retirement fund performance and change how the world will evolve over the next century. Individual investors, by their sheer number, and as a group, could gradually acquire all assets within 50 to 60 years while looking for their best self-interest.

All the individual investor would have to do is build his or her retirement fund as described in Reflexions On A Retirement Fund and in other of my papers over the past two years or so. In particular, look at the QQQ series and the outcome of all its 44 simulations.

As an entrepreneur, you could also set up a company to do this job for the people who do not have the time to undertake such an endeavor themselves. People could still do it themselves if they wanted to or have someone do it for them, knowing they would reach their long-term goals.

Should you want to go further, you will have to put in some expertise and develop an above-average performing trading and investing program. Something designed to at least exceed the QQQ's performance level. That should not be too hard to do.

Even so, investing in stocks over the short term is not a guaranteed success story. It is only over the long term, with a time horizon greater than 20 years, that you are almost assured of winning the game, meaning getting out with a profit.

There will be losses over the years, and your trading program should be there to avoid most of them or alleviate their adverse effects as much as possible. Program for safety first; at least, get out of the way if you do not see a profit coming from your positions.

If you invest using other people's money (OPM), you better ensure you will not lose. Otherwise, do not even attempt it. You cannot play with other people's life savings and fail because you were unprepared or not qualified to do the job. Learn what you will need to do, and do the job honestly and correctly.

Read the whole PDF file: The Big Open Project.

Created: December 13, 2023, © Guy R. Fleury. All rights reserved.