January 2, 2016

My first book was released on January 1st, 2016, and made available on Amazon. Never thought I would ever do this. But there it is.

Stock Trading Strategy Mechanics

It's a major transformation for me. I usually put out stuff that is clearly free, with no strings attached. But then, you observe that because it is given free, people attach no value to it. So, maybe now they will think it is worth something.

Stock Trading Strategy Mechanics is for anyone interested in building a long-term stock portfolio. It demonstrates how a share accumulation program, in combination with trading over the process, can lead to a portfolio designed to outperform over the long run. It is a common sense approach using trading methods designed so they can help anyone, even large managed funds, to outperform.

On the long-term side, the stock inventory will end up with more shares than a comparable Buy & Hold strategy. So the investor will be ahead on that count. On the short-term side, the trading activity over the accumulation process will generate profits which can then be reinvested to trade more and accumulate more shares, all the while also accumulating cash reserves. So, even on the short to medium-term side, the player wins. One will be mostly invested at market bottoms, while at market tops, be mostly in cash or at least with a reduced stock inventory. At every price swing of significance, this trading strategy will be able to pump shares into the inventory and then pump cash back into the account. Invest for the long term and win; play the short term and win. It becomes a reasonable compromise, not perfect, but acceptable. If you want it bigger, make it as big as you can. The mechanics of how to do so are there.

By slightly changing one's long-term view of the mechanics underlying a stock trading strategy, it is transformed into a portfolio builder where the sum of the parts is larger than the whole, thereby greatly outperforming a standard Buy & Hold strategy or index. You will find in this book the mechanics of these stock trading systems as well as the reasoning behind them.

The objective is to help generate more alpha over the long term, whether it be for small, medium, or large investment funds of any size.

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