November 6, 2014                  New paper: A Donor Within

Just sent my pledge to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I found it to be the best outcome for my years of research. Over the last few years, I've developed a series of better and improved trading strategies. My best strategies should be considered sophisticated, designed for long-term appreciation, and should prove to be most profitable.

I view the offering of my best-performing trading strategies as my way to help people more than I ever could alone. It is all explained in my latest paper: A Donor Within.

The paper shows that it is by letting the Foundation's trust unit grow as much as it possibly can that the Foundation itself could do more. And that it might be in the pursuit of these portfolio management techniques that the Foundation could reach its goals.

Here is the content of the email sent to the Foundation:

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Gates,

I would like to make a $200B+ pledge to your Foundation to be provided over the next 40 years. The attached document, “A Donor Within,” explains how it would be done.

You recently sent out an invitation for crazy ideas. Well, this could be considered one of them. It starts with a simple concept, grows from there, and is perfectly doable.

I think that it is by letting the Foundation's trust unit grow as large as it possibly can that the Foundation could do more. It is not enough to show that the trust could do better, it also needs the means to get there which is what my paper is all about.

I would consider it an honor and a privilege to be of help.


Guy R. Fleury

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